Friday, October 8, 2010

Fitting the blocks to the violin form.

While I'm still sunning the last one (in between rain storms), I cleaned up the form and started another violin. This photo shows some of the raw material I use for blocks, from a willow tree that blew down nearby more than 10 years ago.


I split it along the grain with mallet and large chisel, then square it up with the Stanley block plane on the right. I need 4 corner blocks, a neck block, and an end-block.


Here are the 4 corner blocks glued into place on the form. I need to add another clamping cut-out or two for the end and neck blocks, but then I would have to buy a couple more of these small clamps! As it is, I'll let these set in a while, then glue in the upper and lower blocks.

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