Monday, October 11, 2010

Scraping and rubbing

Cut the curves in the corner blocks for the C-bout ribs, as well as trimmed up the neck and end-blocks. Before bending the ribs, I get the outside fairly clean & smooth with a scraper. This photo shows a short section of rib that will be fit to the treble c-bout.


Also managed to join the spruce for the top this afternoon -- a rub-joint with hide glue.


Hot hide glue is applied to both sides, then the upper piece is rubbed back and forth along the lower a few times. It's a satisfying way to glue a joint, and no clamps required.


  1. Hi William,

    Yes -- a new top. You can see the form and blocks in the post 2 entries prior "Fitting the blocks to the violin form." I also got the C-bout ribs bent and installed yesterday.