Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Channeling Stradivari


Here I am using the registration pins to attach the plates to the rib assembly. You can notice one pin sticking out of the spruce top-plate on the end facing us. Doing this allows me to see the overhang and make adjustments in an attempt to get it both uniform and flowing. At this point, the plates are still quite thick.


This is a time-consuming part for me. Here I have started to cut the channel in the maple back. Slow going, as I need to be careful as I bring the channel out to the edge. In this particular back plate, I have a particularly messy bit of grain in the central C-bout area, which is particularly entertaining to cut through.


While giving my eyes a break from the channel cutting work, I squared up the neck block, traced out the template, and cut the block on my bandsaw, which is an older benchtop model, underpowered, from Sears. I have learned through experience that it is better on these necks to give a bit of clearance to the line. The blade is prone to wander a bit from vertical, lopping off wood I'd rather keep. I finish up the outline with gouges and rasps. The shavings on the bench are from work I was doing earlier on the spruce top plate.

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