Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party damage, part 2


After getting all the old glue, splinters, and dirt cleaned out, it's time to fit a new neck block. This one is made from willow, a tree that blew over some 10 years ago. Sections of it had been saved, with wax applied to the end grain, and then I was given a few chunks, when the owner realized he didn't really know what to do with all that willow.

With the block securely glued to the back and ribs, it's time to glue to top back in place. I glued & cleated the cracks, and have applied the initial layers of touch-up varnish.



  1. Is the darker part in the center the original color and the sides are faded?


  2. Probably the result of factory-original antiquing. Those were the areas that traditionally didn't get touched as much, so retained more of the original varnish. The factory instruments wanted to duplicate that appearance.