Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hardanger bass bar

Got a couple bows rehaired this morning, glued in a bass bar for a viola I'm making, and then took some time to shape the bass bar in my first Hardanger.  The instructions from "Vi Byggejer Hardingfele" by Sverre Sandvik, translation by Eldon Ellingson, are not very detailed.  Shorter and smaller than a regular violin.  Longer tall section between the f-holes.  There is a sketch of a bass-bar on the plans, but it is unclear whether that is the good one, or one that had to be reshaped later.

Other sources talk of the Hardanger bass-bar being like a Baroque bass-bar, which I haven't made, either.  So, taking minimal direction as a high-level of permission, I plunged in and came up with this.

And that will have to do for now.  I put a light layer of shellac around the glue-surface, so if I need to take the top back off, say, to reshape the bass-bar, it's a little easier.

Will glue it on the ribs tomorrow, probably.

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