Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting another violin

Splitting out block material with the maul and cheap chisel, squaring them with the block plane, is the first step in building a new violin -- on a previously built form!


My attempt to get a 'shaving' shot. This shaving, which I stood up on the block it came from, is endgrain. I'm using a standard Stanley block plane, though I've tuned it up a bit, with a Hock blade. The machinist's square is used to check the squareness of the block.


The blocks are tacked into place on the form with hide glue. They will later be shaped to to hold the ribs.


Thinning down rib-stock with a toothed-blade in the block plane. Before doing this, I scraped the other side clean with a flexible scraper; that side will be facing out on the violin.


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