Sunday, March 28, 2010

2nd dance for the new fiddle.

We don't get many photos of our band at gigs, but my wife, who was the caller, managed to catch this one of us playing a waltz version of the Loch Tay Boatman Song at the Victorian Ball last night in Boise, Idaho. My violin has been strung up a couple weeks now, and this is the second dance that I've used it.


In the time that it's been strung up, I've cut a new soundpost for it -- the first one was just a little short, or perhaps became a bit short as the plates moved -- swapped the old metal Wittner tailpiece for a lighter composite tailpiece, and replaced the mediocre old Zyex strings with Dominants. I am not a perlon string player, or haven't been, using mainly steel strings. But I find that when I go to the violin-makers workshop in the summer, that many makers there use Dominants, so I'm trying to get used to them -- what they sound like, how they behave -- to make comparisons better.

I should add that in addition to using a fiddle I made, I am wearing a kilt my sister made for me last year.

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