Friday, February 8, 2013

labeled Klotz 1760-ish.

This one is owned by a retired fellow, who has had it for some time.  I don't know if it is what it reports to be, Egidius Klotz 1760 (or so), but it could be.  Glued a seam, new strings, and replaced the old electronic pick-up with a newer model.  He plays it daily.

The back has a pleasant flame and shows lots of wear, including relatively recent damage such as shoulder rest abrasions, which are also present on the ribs.

The upper treble bout is so worn that wood is even missing through the purfling itself. Evidence of lots of playing time. The button looks as if it may have been broken, or badly crakced at the least.

Both f-holes are missing wings. This one has had a repair, possibly to correct for soundpost-tool damage. Dunno.

The label is very hard to read.  It seems to follow the pattern: Egidius Klotz in Mittenwald and der Isar 1760.  Could be 1762.  Or 1768.  Or something else. 

Front of the scroll, showing what I think is a very nice patina.

Apparently the volute became separated from the pegbox at some time.  The pegbox and scroll have been grafted onto a new neck.

Back of the scroll with a rather square bottom.  Perhaps a compass layout mark where the spine meets the bottom curve.


  1. Definately Aegedius Klotz. Label Ok.
    Greetings from bavaria. Mammutheum Museum.