Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade amateur fiddles

Just the other day, a fellow violin maker and Southern California Violin-makers Workshop attendee, Anya, posted on her blog a photo of an instrument in her shop for repair. The post is here.

On the same day, I got a customer fiddle that is a relative, in spirit, of the one in Anya's shop.

This fiddle was built recently, in the 21st-century, and was built by the grandfather or uncle of the player. It is a treasured fiddle for that family, means a lot to them, and has at the very least the grace not to be another $100 violin-shaped-object (VSO) from some factory in China - even though the VSO might have more conventional design.

It's part of the fun in this business, seeing these one-off instruments that don't pretend to be anything besides an amateur's effort.


  1. The center seam on the back looks decent :)
    -- Anya

  2. And if you look for them, you can find places where the purfling follows the outline.

  3. but neither you nor Anya comment on the sound or playability of the istruments

  4. RIght. I'll say that the one I had would not be my choice for an instrument, but I have no family connection to it.