Sunday, April 25, 2010

ribs, bent not broken

The title is a bad attempt to parody James Bond...

Between repair work and yard work -- it's spring! -- I haven't put as much time into making as I would like. Here I have the c-bout ribs bent and glued into place, the upper treble rib, and I am in the process of shaping the curve on the upper bass-side rib. This maple has more curl than what I've used before, so bending the tight curves on the c-bouts was a challenge. Easy to crack a rib.


The ribs are glued to the block surfaces but not, hopefully, to the mould. Previously, I had run a layer of shellac around the edge of the mould, and actually a bit of the upper and lower surfaces. This catches the camera flash much differently than the bare plywood, and doesn't look so good. After I get this rib garland off, I might have to just shellac the whole thing so it looks better in photos!

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