Friday, April 29, 2011

A new top, pt 3

With gouge and fingerplanes, I'm working the edge down vertically, rasps and knife-work to bring the overhang under control.

Trying to keep the overhang fairly uniform, as well as trying to keep a nice flow to the curves.

I have a form that I made from a template of the Red Diamond Stradivari. I don't know how good the template was (though I assume it was reasonable) or what original Stradivari form was used. I have a small collection of Strad magazine posters of various instruments to use as inspiration. Here is the rough top on the 1715 "Messiah" poster.

And here is the top on the 1709 "Viotti" poster. I guess I'm soon to make a new form, closer to the information I have at hand, so I can better understand violin design.

I modified the angle of the upper corners to more closely approximate what I saw on the posters, and will give it a rest for the day. I have customer instruments to tend to, and fresh eyes will be better for finalizing the outline.

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