Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winery gig, and the start of a new back.

Our band, the Bru, played for a private party and dance last night at the Hells Canyon Winery. This is the second year we've done so, and it's always a nice event. I can't get many photos during the event, but managed to remember to take a few before.

A view south from the winery tasting room. You can see a bend of the Snake River at roughly 9 o'clock, and the Owyhee Mountains in the distance.

Turning around from these previous two views, you can see the tasting room for the winery.

Standing now at the patio in front of the tasting room, I see Tamara and Monica cooling their heels while Tim is inside setting up equipment and I'm taking photos.

Now inside the winery building, here's a shot showing some of the storage and a corner of the temporary dance floor.

Standing on the dance floor, looking back towards the band area and above, the balcony of the tasting room.

Here is the view from the balcony, looking down on our playing area. It was crowded, and the dance floor was full of folks dancing. My fourth fiddle is there in a rack; I think it behaved well at the dance and am happy with that. Behind is a 1000-gallon storage tank, and another one is just out of view.

Here's one of the smaller storage areas, but I thought the view was pretty nice.

Tim, at the end of one of the breaks, calling the dancers back to the floor. During the dance, Tim played guitar and pipes, though not at the same time. We also had Dana on keyboard, Bill on mandolin, and myself on fiddle. We play primarily Scotish tunes, to the best of our ability.

Monica, my better-half, taught and called the dances. It is a generally inexperienced group of dancers, but they are a game crowd and always seem to have fun.

On the fiddle-making front, earlier in the day I decided that since I was making a new front, I might as well make a new, improved back, so glued one up.

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