Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new top

I finished installing the purfling on both the top and back, and was disgusted by what I had created. As I had mentioned before, the corners here were an experiment, and after getting the purfling in, I realized that there is no way I could be happy with the result, particularly on the top. So, I broke it against the edge of the bench, to relieve myself of the pondering how to save it, and am off to make another top. I'm still contemplating the back.

Here is the new top, planed to fit and glued with a rub joint.


  1. Wow, you have more courage than I do. Good for you Ken. I don't seem to know when to say when....

  2. Thanks, James. I hated the corners by the time I got the purfling in. Fretted over it all afternoon. Went to Scottish Country Dance class in the evening, and on the drive over, both my wife and our friend agreed that I should just put it aside for 6 months or so, then look at it. Later that night, after we got home, I went to the bench, pulled the scraper across the corners to get the proud bits off so I could see it better, still hated it, broke the top across the bench, and went to bed. Fell right asleep.

  3. At least the glue joint held.


  4. Yes -- I didn't even think of that until someone on Facebook mentioned my getting practice making rub joints. And these are non-clamped rub joints, too! So that's good news from the situation.