Friday, November 18, 2016

New top for an old fiddle, part 3

Plunged through and cut the f-holes.  The terminal holes on each end are drilled first, and you're committed at that point.  Then, using a deep-throated fret saw, cut out the stems.  A little more thinning of the top, then trim up the f-holes.  This is nearly there.  Done for today, but will look at again tomorrow (on Monday) and finish up before fitting the bassbar.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

New top for an old fiddle, part 2

Making a new top for an old fiddle. The old top fairly badly damaged, and not really worth repairing. This is also probably not worth doing, financially, but I am using it as an excuse to try new things.

For example, I am not finishing the edges nor installing the purfling until after the top is attached to the body. So, instead of being able to use the edge or purfling for assistance in laying out the f-holes, I have to try to get them in the right places with less to go on.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New top for an old fiddle, and 2 boxes

 Making a new top for an old fiddle. The old one came in with a 'repaired top' -- gorilla glue -- and after fussing with it a while, thought I might as well make a new top. It's an old factory fiddle, and the rest of the body is in not-bad shape. I had this chunk of Engelmann laying around. Since I've never used Engelmann before, thought it might be a good experiment. Noting some staining and a few sap pockets so far.

On the making-from-scratch front, I closed up two boxes last week.  Top is the 5-string, and lower a 4-string (normal) fiddle.  Working on cleaning them up, and starting the varnish process this week.