Thursday, June 3, 2021

Weiser Signal American

 Phil Janquart of the Weiser Signal American interviewed me a week or two ago, and the story appeared in yesterday's "The Fiddle 2021" supplement.

Every year since 1953,  Weiser, Idaho, has been the location of the National Old-time Fiddler's Contest and Festival.  Except last year, due to the plague, and this year, the contestants are live, on-stage, but the audience is at home or elsewhere, viewing on line.  Folks will be camping in Stickerville, up by the Institute buildings, playing tunes and having fun.  

We, Phil Stanley and I, weren't there last year (no one was) nor this year.  We have had the repair shop on-site at the contest since about 2001.  Phil is a bow maker, and does rehairs for folks.  We don't know what next year will bring.

Here's a screenshot of the story --

I don't know if you'll be able to read it from the image.  You can go to the Signal American's site and see it and other stories about the fiddle contest.  The link is here

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