Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Ribs & Linings

Winter decided to come to Idaho in February.  Snow in the mountains, which is needed for water in the summer, and useful for skiing in the meanwhile, which we've been out a couple of times.

At the bench --

Fit and glued the upper and lower ribs to my second violin form.  Did the same to the first violin form yesterday, as well as installing the linings on the other (top) side of the viola.  Here, upper right, the linings that will go against the back.

I have all the plates joined, so once these rib assemblies are finished and cleaned up, I can start tracing plates and get onto the arching process.

Even so, hoping to get out into the mountains again.  Spring can come fast in these parts.

These two photos from this past Sunday, Bear Basin, near McCall, Idaho.

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