Friday, November 30, 2018

Mary Rose 3 and 2 new fiddles in the starting blocks.

I had sketched out a flower for the end of the pegbox, but changed my mind.  Thinking of a ship's carpenter making the box fiddle, I thought a friendly cat, simply done, might be more fun. 

With most of the pegbox work done, including fluting out the reverse side, one single fluting channel, I cut away the remaining stock from the lower end of the neck piece.

This small stick will run the length of the box, to supply the strength to oppose the string tension.  I did the same for a cigar box fiddle at the end of last year, and it seemed to work.

 Planed off some of the saw marks, also to make the stick extension a little cleaner looking, even though it won't really show.

On another front, I have started two regular fiddles. Blocks squared and glued in place.

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