Monday, October 29, 2018

Midnight in Moscow

We've played the Halloween dance in Moscow (Idaho) a couple years now.  Always a fun event.

 Dance!  Now!

We load up the cars Saturday morning, drive the 6-7 hours from the Boise area to Moscow.  Stop for lunch in Riggins at Kate's Cattlemen's for lunch.  Good spot.  Arrive in Moscow in time for a quick beer or two at Rants and Raves --

 -- then a nice home-cooked dinner with our hosts, Roberta, Tim, and David.  We gain an hour on the clock going north.  Moscow is in the Pacific Time Zone, Nampa in the Mountain.

Then off to the dance.  A fun crowd, and we try to sprinkle in plenty of minor-keyed Scandinavian and Klezmer tunes to set a Halloween tone.

 Warming up with a soundcheck.
Tim on guitar, Jan, myself, Monica on piano

A walk-through with Pat teaching.

Some happy little tune

After the dance, back to Roberta & Tim's place (Tim of Moscow, not Middleton.  An abundance of Tims), where we unwind and get to bed too late.  Up in the morning for a fine home-cooked breakfast, this time of French toast, fruit, yogurt, and several cups of coffee.  The trip back home, where we lose the clock-time hour we gained yesterday, and off to bed so we can try to get some work done Monday morning.

It's fun and we plan to do it again.

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