Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hardanger f-holes

Following Salve Håkedal's on-line tutorial, I am tryng to carve Hardanger f-holes.  He has placed a fair number of nice photos there, but even so, I am having a hard time understanding some details of the geometry.  So the carving is painfully slow.  Cut a bit away.  Look at it.  Look at Salve's photos.  Turn the top around.  Look again.  Cut a little more away.  Curse under my breath.  Look.  Cut.  And so on.

The overlapping stems make it tough to carve.  Slice a bit away with a knife.  I have a bent knife which is actually fairly useful in some of the tight spots.  I may still have too much overlap; perhaps the under portion is still too far inwards.  That, however, can be remedied later, whereas if I cut too much away too soon, very hard to put back together.

I think they are finally starting to take shape. Being the first Hardanger I've attempted, I have so many, many things I don't know, every step is a learning experience.  A slow learning experience.

Of course I'm doing this because I'm interested in the music.  One thing I recently discovered, much to my surprise, is that the Norwegian state/public broadcasting, NRK, has an iPhone app where I can stream the Norwegian stations.  They seem to have a very nice folk music station.  Check it out.

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