Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adolph Spicker

Pulled the top off a violin today, and found this little repair label glued to the rib near the end-block.  It's about 3/4" by 3/8", and came loose from the rib, being photographed here against the inside back.  After getting my work done, I glued it back in place.

It reads: ADOLPH SPICKER, Dealer in and Repairer of Musical Instruments, Cincinnati, O.

I hadn't heard of Adolph Spicker, but did a quick internet search.  I found this news story from March 17, 1928.

  Friends of Adolph Spicker, aged 60, of Cincinnati, Ohio, last week were shocked to hear of his death, which occurred at his home on Friday.  He was proprietor of a violin store and repair shop in Cincinnati and numbered among his clients Ysaye, Kriesler, and MacMillen.  He received his musical education in Germany.


  1. Just would love to learn more about him. He was my mother's father. She talked about him a lot. His wife was a trapeze artist. I was born in 1946 so I obviously I never knew him. I now live in Oldsmar fl.

  2. That is very interesting -- quite a couple. I don't know anything else about him, other than what I found on-line. He seems to have been fairly well-respected as a violin repairman.

  3. thanks for the info I Own a fiddle with a repair label from Adolph Spicker also. my label is a bit different though it has fancier script over top of a picture of a violin.