Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Idaho at 150.

150 years ago yesterday, President Lincoln signed into being the Idaho Territory.  The Idaho Historical Museum put together an exhibit in honor of this, "150 Things that Make the Gem State Unique."  Tim and I were asked to wander about during the Friends of the Museum opening last night, playing a few tunes.  We're always delighted to play at the Museum -- a favorite spot.

Just playing whatever came into our heads, we did manage to get into the Boise paper, the Idaho Statesman --

One of the local TV stations caught us, too.  We're only on film for a brief moment, though our music keeps going.  I'm unaccoustomed to having a TV camera filming me while I play, and spent some energy trying not to make too many weird faces.  Had I known it would be used for background music, I would have relaxed a bit!  :-)  Here's a link to the piece.

The fiddle here is the one I described building in posts throughout last summer and fall.


  1. Ken,

    That was pretty neat! Thanks for the link. Looked like a nice exhibit. I like those types of things.