Thursday, February 2, 2012

The back and scroll of "sweeping up."

Here's the back of the "1870 Albani Guarnerius", which I think is really nice. It is a little more amber-colored in real life than it is on my computer screen (here), but the flame is lively, something hard to see in a still photo.

Here's the scroll of the "1870 Albani Guarnerius", which shows fine blacking on the chamfer and charming character throughout. The peg-holes have been roughly treated before, and there is a crack off the e-peg-hole. Bushings to be fit! The fingerboard was also glued on off-set, so will have to be reglued or replaced.


  1. That's gonna be a pain.. how are you going to reinforce? Interior graft? spiral bushing? combination?

  2. The holes are fairly large and the crack is glued shut. My current thought is to ream them out a bit more, to get a smooth clean surface, then install spiral bushings. Fortunately, the crack is only on one side -- so I hope to be able to avoid interior patches.

  3. I saw a new technique about repairing these kind of cracks from the interior. It is done with a drilling tool form the opposite hole and it is more more like a patch. gotta remember where I saw it...
    ok, I remember where, it was some guy that was making the tool to do it... but which guy...

  4. I remember seeing one in Strad magazine, a conical bit, I think, which allowed you to install a nylon(?) grommet around the peg-hole. Something like that?