Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shaping the bass bar

I fit the bass bar to the inside of the top yesterday, and glued it in place. Today, the fun part of trimming it down to shape. I get a kick out of running the thumbplane along the upper edge and taking off long curls of spruce.


Here's the finished bassbar. This one has a somewhat higher arching than my last fiddle, which also shows up in the shape of the bar. After rounding the outer edge, I'll glue the top plate onto the rib assembly.



  1. I love what you share with us Ken. Fiddles give in so many ways, ..... music, craft, art, puzzle, culture, even ecology. I think about them all the time and your posts are giving me ideas that often have eluded me. thanks steve parks

  2. Hi Steve,

    I sure appreciate your saying so. I just jot down a few things & take a few photos; helps me to keep things straight, too, and am glad that you find them of interest.