Wednesday, September 16, 2009

YouTube videos

An amazing array of videos are out there on sites such as YouTube. While the sound quality is not the greatest, being able to watch the bowing and fingering more than makes up for it.

I have started a list of what I think are interesting, fun videos on my web page, which can be found here.

More will be added, and if you know of a good video, let me know.

When I'm learning a tune, I want to listen to it about a billion times, just to pound it into my thick skull. Usually I don't want to keep hitting the YouTube replay button; I'd like to have it on a CD on repeat or on my computer, in iTunes on repeat. With the Zamzar you can convert a YouTube video into an mp3, or mp4 video, or a wide selection of other options I don't understand. This can then live on your computer or be burned onto a CD.

Certainly I'm not advocating this for copyrighted material, or if the version of the tune is available commercially -- we need to support the artists -- but many of the YouTube videos I see are just regular folks playing traditional tunes. It is a good way to learn.


  1. Hi Ken...Diane Gravlin here. Hello. I've been reading your site here and wanted to tell you about an amazing site for violin technique. I'm teaching beginning violin and fiddle to young kids and home schoolers. Check out "Professor V" and go to his website: This guy is very good. I went to Ashokan FIddle and Dance, Southern Week and had a blast..Jay and Molly are just the best. Playing on Bob's fiddle #1; LOVING IT.
    Take care and stay tuned. Diane and Bob Gravlin

  2. Hello Diane,

    Good to hear from you -- I'm still new at this blogging, and didn't see your comment until today.

    Thanks for the website link -- looks interesting. And Ashokan, that would be great. I've been listening to Jay and Molly for years, and have wanted to go there.


  3. Are you able to use Zamzar for Mac? I use Wondershare and it is really painless but I checked out Zamzar and they seem to be a Windows Only product at this time

  4. I don't know if it's only for Mac or not, but some few months ago, Zamzar stopped allowing the transfer of videos to mp3 format. Apparently some copyright issues.

    I haven't heard of Wondershare before. Looks like a commercial product, which I do understand, but would want to understand my need for it before buying.